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Waratek provides patented next-gen WAF, RASP and legacy modernization solutions delivered through Waratek ARMR, the only comprehensive and scalable application security platform on the market.

ARMR enables real-time protection and threat remediation for known and unknown vulnerabilities – without false positives or impacts to application performance. Using patented technology, ARMR eliminates the need for source code changes, excessive tuning, or application downtime.

Waratek is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with Sales and Operations Support in Atlanta, Georgia; New York City and across Europe.







Application Security Platform


The Waratek ARMR Application Security Platform provides unique protection in the runtime. Our products seamlessly and safely integrate into the application’s compilation pipeline, providing protection that becomes part of your application – but never requires changes to source code.



Our products were designed to work together and to seamlessly integrate into your application – we even put a financial guarantee behind our promise.


The ARMR Security Management Platform allows you to customize your security needs. Upgrade legacy applications, or apply security solutions – manage from a single console.


Whether you need to protect a few critical applications or your entire application portfolio, deployment is easy and our subscriptions allow you to scale as you go.



Perimeter Security (Next-Gen WAF)

Protegge dalle vulnerabilità OWASP Top 10 e SANS 25.
  • OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25 protection
  • Protection against common attacks such as SQLi, XSS, Path Traversal, Open Redirect, Buffer Overflows, Denial of Service and more
  • Language and technology agnostic
  • No downtime
  • No source code changes
  • No hardware requirements
  • Fine-grained control via ARMR mods
  • Easy to understand security rules
  • Easy to create custom HTTP virtual patches
  • Detailed attack logs and forensic metadata
  • Highly-scalable and highly efficient
  • End-to-end WAF and RASP management via a single Management Console
  • Powered by ARMR

Web Application Firewall protection
from OWASP Top 10 attack vectors.

Protection for Any Application
Our platform agnostic web application firewall offers instant protection for any application on-prem or in the cloud. Using a centralized management console, easily deploy rules from our ARMR mods library or create your own with our easy to use builder.

Any App, Every Platform
Protection for any application written on any platform. Our NG-WAF supports all deployment models and can be extended to your serverless applications.

Centralized Management
Our centralized management console provides functionality and ease-of-use so that you can effectively manage your entire application portfolio without burdening resources.

Low False-Positives
With proper upfront configurations, we can ensure dramatically fewer false positives and tuning requirements compared to other NG-WAFs.


Runtime Virtual Patching

Non solo trovi le vulnerabilita', ma le correggi.
  • Apply custom security rules as well as current and historical virtual patches for instant protection.
  • Create and apply custom virtual patches
  • Library of past CPUs
  • Instant protection
  • No downtime
  • No source code changes
  • Functional equivalent physical patches
  • No break / No exploit guarantee

Runtime Vulnerability Patching
Fix your code flaws in the compilation pipeline with a real-time patch that is the equivalent of a binary code change

Vulnerability Scanning
A single Static Application Security Testing (SAST) report could identify hundreds—if not thousands—of instances for each vulnerability, but running SAST and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools only identifies the vulnerabilities, it does not fix them.

Vulnerabilities also occur throughout the rest of the code in the underlying frameworks, libraries, transient dependencies, servers, services and even the runtime platform itself (JVM, .NET, etc.).

Critical Patch Updates
Routine critical patches that come from Oracle and Microsoft represent a significant part of the burden teams face. Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday is an institutional event and Oracle’s quarterly Critical Patch Updates (CPU) have more than doubled in size since April 2016 – from the 130s to the 300s per CPU in July 2017. The July 2017 CPU reflected finding a new vulnerability every 68 hours (on average) based on the Java-related CVEs patched – 2/3rds of which had a High Severity CVSS score and 87 percent of which could be remotely exploited without authentication.


Runtime Application Self-Protection

Zero-Day protection from OWASP Top Ten, Sans Top 25 Threats
  • Runtime protection against known and unknown attack vectors:
  • 2013 and 2017 OWASP Top Ten
  • SANS Top 25
  • Other common exploits
  • Detects and blocks attacks
  • Ultra-low performance impact
  • No false positives. Guaranteed.
  • No application profiling, routine tuning or code changes required
  • Installs in minutes

Traditional approaches to application security rely on heuristics to make educated guesses about known attacks. Instrumentation or web filters coupled with pattern matching and whitelists/blacklists are at the core of these tools – along with high performance overhead and false positives. Waratek Secure is different. Using a deterministic approach, Waratek Secure relies on “Always On” RASP protection to safeguard applications from exploits in the OWASP Top Ten, the SANS Top 25, and other common attack vectors – without generating false positives or slowing the app.


  • Simple plug-in agent to the Java JVM or .NET CLR
  • No downtime required to apply or configure a rule
  • No profile or tuning
  • No blacklist or whitelist required


  • Simple point and click rules configuration
  • Add and set protection level for single or multiple applications
  • Seamless integration with common SEIM and central management tools
  • No false positives – guarantee


  • Easy to implement and manage security rules
  • No need to investigate false positives
  • Increased ability to focus on higher priority items
  • Improved compliance


Virtual Platform Upgrade

Upgrade your legacy applications and platforms in the Compilation Pipeline

Company policies, industry standards and government regulations often require applications to be based on the most current version of software.  Yet, upgrading older enterprise applications is a binary choice: continue to run the app as is or, invest a significant amount of time, money, and people to rewrite the code.

Waratek Upgrade provides a better way to modernize your applications and maximize the value of your existing investments. Using our patented virtual container technology, applications are no longer stranded on old platform versions. With Waratek Upgrade, you can apply the same zero-day defenses and vulnerability remediation across your entire app portfolio – without the need to modify a single line of code.

  • Save time and money while mitigating the risk of re-platforming or costly platform upgrades
  • Virtually upgrade out-of-support Java platform versions (v4 – v8) to current JVM
  • Automatically and instantly apply Java and .Net critical patch updates
  • Active protection against OWASP Top Ten, SANS 25 and Zero Day
  • Ultra-low performance overhead – in many cases performance improves

Refresh your legacy applications with no source code changes required.

Company policies, industry standards and government regulations often require applications to be based on the most current version of software. Yet, upgrading older enterprise applications is a binary choice, continue to run the app as is, or, invest a significant amount of time, money, and people to rewrite the code.

Full Stack Security
Waratek Upgrade refreshes both your legacy application and platform such as Apache Tomcat and Weblogic, protecting your application from vulnerabilities in your legacy code, platforms and Open Source code.