Fidelis Elevate XDR

Extended Detection & Response per le imprese

One unified platform that integrates Network Traffic Analysis, Digital Forensics and Incident Response to ensure faster detection, empower threat hunting and automate response.

Fidelis Cybersecurity was founded by cyber warriors and continues that rich heritage today. Our cyber warriors are incident responders, SOC operators, intel analysts and threat hunters, from the DoD and US Intel Communities as well as Industry. Our team has built some of the most secure environments and has been called in post-breach to lead the incident response programs for some of the largest data breaches on record. Our platform provides cyber warriors with the ability to operate inside the adversary’s decision cycle and detect and respond to advanced threats at line speed. Not only do we develop the tools to help win the cyber battle, we use them on behalf of our customers – finding known and unknown threats, rooting them out and protecting sensitive data.

Fidelis helps you outperform, outmaneuver and outfight cyber attackers at every step to keep your business operations and data safe. Enterprises are at a disadvantage against their cyber adversaries. Threats come from every angle and many organizations lack complete visibility of their cyber terrain, allowing cyber attackers to lurk undetected as they take aim at sensitive data or look to disrupt business operations. To gain the decisive advantage, security teams need to think like their adversary. This means having greater visibility across the different layers within their environment as well as the automation to scale detection and response capabilities.

Fidelis Elevate™

One unified platform that integrates Network Traffic Analysis, Digital Forensics and Incident Response to ensure faster detection, empower threat hunting and automate response.

Elevate Security Operations to Detect, Hunt, and Respond
Fidelis Elevate™ provides a terrain-based cyber defense that integrates network, endpoint and deception defenses to give you holistic visibility and control of your environment. Now you know what to protect and the most probable paths of data exfiltration, command and control, surveillance and more. With powerful machine-learning analytics running against rich network and endpoint metadata, you can detect, hunt and respond to advanced threats – in real-time and retrospectively – at every step of an attack, keeping your business operations and data safe.

Enhance your visibility

Inspect all ports and all protocols bi-directionally.See north-south traffic, lateral movement and data exfiltration. Enrich alerts with data and context from integrated Fidelis products.

Better Threat Detection

Identify traffic and behavior anomalies via threat intelligence and research, sandboxing, machine learning analytics, and deception technology. Capture and store metadata for forensic analysis and threat hunting.

Automate Response

Speed alert triage by automatically collapsing similar alerts and events into a single view. Automatically validate network alerts on impacted endpoints. Raise the priority level when evidence is found of increased risk.

Quick Resolution

Automatically execute a response playbook to jumpstart your investigation. Stop data leakage while taking action on Command and Control and active attacks. Now your security team can focus on the most urgent threats and protect sensitive data rather than spending time validating and triaging thousands of alerts.

You can’t defend what you can’t detect. With Fidelis, you can:

Gain visibility across all network, email, web and cloud traffic, endpoint activity and enterprise IoT devices
Map your cyber terrain (i.e. all managed and unmanaged assets) to know your environment better than adversaries
Align attacker TTPs to the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework, to identify the attacker’s next move and what action to take
Leverage machine-learning to gain strong indicators of APTs and potential zero-day attacks, so you can proactively address attacks before it’s too late

Fidelis Elevate automatically validates, correlates, and consolidates network traffic analysis alerts against every Fidelis managed endpoint in your network. Minimize false positives and shift from clues to conclusions so you can quickly address the alerts that matter most.

When a security incident occurs, every moment counts! Fidelis Elevate is relied on by incident responders to identify threats that evaded security defenses, minimize the damage and remediate the threat. Incident responders use Fidelis to:


  • Detect advanced threats and attacker activity
  • Identify compromised systems and data
  • Contain the attack and eradicate the threat
  • Automate responses to prevent similar threats

Fidelis Network


Eliminate Blind Spots. Detect malicious behavior, identify traffic anomalies, and automatically respond to advanced threats. 

Network Detection and Response:
The Cornerstone of Your Security Stack

Detecting advanced threats requires deep inspection, extraction, and analysis of all forms of content going across the wire in real-time. Fidelis network detection and response bi-directionally scans all ports and protocols to collect rich metadata used as the basis for powerful machine-learning analytics.

With direct, internal, email, web and cloud sensors, you gain full network coverage and visibility. Identified attacker TTPs are mapped against the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework to help security teams get ahead of the curve. Threats can run, but they can’t hide.


  • Gain real-time visibility across all ports and protocols via patented Deep Session Inspection®
  • Utilize rich network metadata for security analytics, machine learning, investigations, and threat hunting
  • Automatically discover and classify data, tag content and detect behavior anomalies to ensure data loss prevention.

Automatically profile and classify IT assets and services including enterprise IoT, legacy systems and shadow IT to map your cyber terrain. When integrated with Fidelis’ endpoint detection and response solution, you gain a software asset inventory correlated with known vulnerabilities including CVE and KB links, as well as security hygiene for patches and endpoint status. You can even import third party external sources to enrich your cyber terrain knowledge.

  • See bi-directional traffic across all ports and protocols
  • Conduct PCAP or real-time layer 7 analysis
  • Decode content by protocol or application
  • Gain deep and wide visibility with sensors for direct, internal, email, web and cloud traffic
  • Automatically profile assets and visualize network device communications prioritized by asset risk
  • Leverage rich indexed metadata for over 300 attributes
  • Tag content with custom tags
  • Store metadata on-premises/cloud for retrospective analysis

Detect and Prevent Threats with Network Detection and Response
Automate the detection of attackers, suspicious hosts and malware with real-time analysis of content and context, and quickly identify behavioral anomalies with numerous machine-learning analytic models. Fidelis Network provides multiple sensors that can be placed throughout your network to detect advanced threats and enforce prevention policies.

Fidelis prevents sensitive data from leaving your network by providing deep visibility of content and classifying data with pre-built policies to alert for policy violations of known compliance regulations across network, email and web sensors.

Fidelis Endpoint

ReaQta-MDR- Un servizio di rilevamento e risposta gestito da ReaQta: monitoraggio delle minacce 24/7, risposta agli incidenti e riparazione. Lavoriamo come estensione per le organizzazioni con team IT snelli, alla ricerca di monitoraggio in tempo reale, contenimento ed eliminazione di minacce complesse.

Le organizzazioni di tutte le dimensioni trovano estremamente difficile creare un compromesso tra ridimensionamento e sicurezza. Con i servizi MDR di ReaQta, le organizzazioni possono concentrarsi sulle loro operazioni quotidiane e continuare a innovare e crescere, lasciando la sicurezza a un team di esperti. Con nuove minacce rilevate in media ogni 5 minuti e i team IT troppo spesso sovraccaricati, il rischio cibernetico aumenta costantemente. Il lavoro del nostro team è quello di comprendere e cercare nuove minacce e nuove tecniche, in modo che le organizzazioni possano rimanere concentrate sulla tua crescita.

Fidelis Deception


Classify network assets and automatically create
an authentic deception layer to lure and detect attackers.

Automatically Create and Deploy Deception Layers
Following the automated discovery of an environment, Fidelis Deception uses accurate information to auto-generate decoys for deception layers. Decoys have profiles, services and regular activity matching the environment, plus recommended breadcrumbs for placement on nearby real assets to act as lures to decoys.

Configuration options are available to customize deception layers by adding real OS VM decoys, golden image OS VM decoys of customer choice, desired manual edits to IT asset and services decoys and much more.

Lure attackers with breadcrumbs on real assets to decoys and services to divert and defend
Invoke fake users within Active Directory showing activity on decoys within deception layers
Detect external attacks and insiders to expose reconnaissance and lateral movement
Learn details of attack paths, resource interests and initial compromised foothold systems
Enables Red Team and Blue Team risk simulations to determine enhanced decoy and breadcrumb placement

Lure Attackers to the Deception Layer via Breadcrumbs
Easily configure breadcrumbs on real assets and in Active Directory to lure cyber attackers, malicious insiders and automated malware to the deception layer. Breadcrumb options include files, documents, email, system resources and more.

Cyber deception defenses provide a proactive opportunity to lure, detect and defend early within post-breach compromise incidents. Alerts come from deception layers unknown to users resulting in low-risk alerts via emulation with high fidelity and no false positives. The result is a low friction, low risk accurate alarm system to detect post-breach attacks.

For more mature security operations, receive high value alerts from real OS VM decoys or golden image OS VM decoys to learn attack TTPs, analyze and sandbox file uploads, and improve defenses.

High fidelity alerts come from decoy access, network traffic analysis and poisoned data use
Investigate alerts knowing network paths and asset profiles, communications, plus decoy interaction
Seamless workflow into Fidelis Endpoint for EDR analysis, or Fidelis Network for broader network traffic analysis and DLP
No false positives as deception layers are unknown to users with no reason for access
No risk to data or resources and no impact to users or operations